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 Stream rules

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PostSubject: Stream rules   Stream rules I_icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2015 1:39 am

Hey everyone, I'm Jazzakid, one of the few moderators on the stream and on the subreddit page and would like to discuss the new chat rules in Viv's streams after much discussion with other moderators.

One of the major changes would be about linking in chat. Here's a little backstory to why these changes are being made;

In recent times there was such an individual linked (without saying what the content of that link was), he linked it several times and left. That link was a rapidly flashing gif, myself having photosensitive epilepsy caused a seizure, which you should know is pretty damn bad. so pretty much No links that cause harm to others

That same individual came into the stream again and linked something several times without any context, myself having a secure computer and even just looking at the url of the link was malicious, it was a trojan virus. HOPEFULLY noone else clicked that link and I cleared the chat so noone else could be infected by it.

If you like to link something in chat to show people, please state what the content of that link is. Who ever is interested in seeing that link please say yes in chat or some form of consent of receiving that link. The person that is linking, WHISPER the link to the person that has consented to viewing the link

Since the stream is available to the world for viewing and includes a wide variety of age groups. We are not allowing NSFW/porn links. For example in australia, It is illegal for someone to show NSFW/porn to people that are underage(under 18) using a carrier service (AGE OF CONSENT DOES NOT MATTER)

Also going off how everyone is from different regions, We would be predominantly be using english for the chat, even for other people using google translate to write in english is fine.

We would not be allowing RP in the main chat as it would count as spam and it clogs up the chat and deters other people in the chat in having a say. We would like the chat to be inclusive of all people rather than just a few having a long intimate with each other.

The rules below is pretty much TL;DR short and fast version of it and just common sense, but just incase people don't know;

  • No Racism
  • No Harrasment
  • No spoilers in main chat(but may whisper if people REALLY want to know
  • No spamming chat (especially with one word per line)
  • No innapropriate usernames
  • Username colour must be readable
  • Keep swearing at a minimum
  • Be respectful
  • No RP/Roleplay
  • No linking in main chat
  • List what is inside the link before whispering to someone
  • No short URLs (they're mainly virus links)
  • Try to speak english

Hopefully this covers most things and hope you can understand and respect the mods decision for doing such actions.

If you would like any clarification on any of the rules or not too sure about something, please comment below and we would address that. Thank you for your time and hope to have an enjoyable time on the streams
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Stream rules
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